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Product Guide

Finding the Right Cut Which Cutting Is Best For Your Loved One?

Finding the right cutting is crucial for keeping your little ones healthy. Each cutting has different nutrients, vitamins, and density. Read below for information on the different types of hay and cuttings we offer.


First Cutting Timothy Bunnies, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs & Gerbils


Called first cutting because it is the first harvest of the year this hay will have higher fiber content and slightly larger stems. This promotes good wear of teeth and the higher fiber content is great for soothing tummies. It is best for bunnies, chinchillas, guinea pigs and gerbils that don’t need as much protein and fat in their diet while still preserving the delicious nutrient rich timothy head. 

Second Cutting Timothy Rabbits, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Mice, & Rats

Second cutting timothy has smaller softer stems and richer in fat and protein while still maintaining a healthy level of fiber. Second cutting will also produce a soft and sweet head on the stem. Second cutting is considered ideal for mature rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, and rats.  


Alfalfa Hay Wonderful Addition, for Nursing or Pregnant Mothers, & Chickens


Alfalfa is a wonderful addition to the diet of your growing animals and pregnant or nursing mothers. It is rich in protein, calcium, and fat and other nutrients. Chickens also love alfalfa which can help regrow feathers after molting and alfalfa also contains carotenoids which leads to a darker yellow-orange yolk.