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About Us

Our Story Family Owned & Operated

Diamond Rock Feed Company is owned and operated by a small farm family that has been producing the highest quality forage products for five generations. Located in the pacific northwest in an area known for raising nutritious hay we are bringing responsibly raised feed products to your smallest loved ones. Buying from us you are purchasing directly from the farmer that takes care of the earth, plants the seed, and nurtures the crop to ensure a hearty healthy product. Our hay is naturally sun dried and packaged for your pet to ensure that the most nutrients are preserved while maintaining a fresh soft texture to maximize palatability.

Until now our world-renowned hay has been only available by the ton for large animals, we are now bringing top quality forage products to your smallest companions.

The Haberman Family standing in front of a barn.

Our Mission

As a small family business and multi-generational farm we strive to produce top quality feed products with the most care and thoughtful process to harvest the most nutritional yield. We believe that all animals deserve the best nutrition to thrive and consider even the smallest animal an extension of our family. We believe in pursuing the most modern farming practices that will continue to serve our future generations.

Our Specialties

First Cutting Timothy

Called first cutting because it is the first harvest of the year this hay will have higher fiber content and slightly larger stems and timothy heads. This promotes good wear of teeth, and the higher fiber content is great for soothing tummies. It is best for bunnies, chinchillas, guinea pigs and gerbils that don’t need as much protein and fat in their diet while still preserving the delicious nutrient rich timothy head.

Second Cutting Timothy

Second cutting timothy has smaller softer stems and richer in fat and protein while still maintaining a healthy level of fiber. Second cutting will also produce a soft and sweet head on the stem. Second cutting is considered ideal for mature rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, and rats.

Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa is a wonderful addition to the diet of your growing animals and pregnant or nursing mothers. It is rich in protein, calcium, and fat and other nutrients. Chickens also love alfalfa which can help regrow feathers after molting and alfalfa also contains carotenoids which leads to a darker yellow-orange yolk.



Years Farming

From our roots to now, we’ve been in business for 5 generations.



We harvest over 7,000 tons of hay each year.



Along with our family and friends/employees, we are a 3 team.